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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A source of hope for cancer patients

There's a fascinating report on so-called spontaneous regressions or remissions of cancer in a British newspaper.


Generally speaking, about half of these regressions follow an infection and/or a high fever. Observation of this phenomenon led to development of the fields of (a) cancer immunology (such as Coley's toxins) and (b) hyperthermia (also called thermotherapy or oncothermia).

It is a source of great hope to cancer patients.


  1. Indeed, this is fascinating...

  2. Makes one wonder if naturally occurring viral infections such as INFLUENZA might have a potential hand in eliminating dysfunctional cell lines, and resetting the internal milieu.

  3. Ralph, thanks for this and for all that you do and have done over the many years. A voice of sanity in an often "insane" world.

    The hyperthermia protocol and its promising results remind me that a remarkable sudden experience of heat--often also accompanied by a sense of "tingling," "electricity," and/or a palpable sense of "vibration"-- occurs in potent spiritual healing cases within our ancient and modern sacred traditions. Consider the "subtle-energy" dramatic healings happening via the "Power of the Holy Spirit" among Charismatics and Pentecostals in Christianity, the "bestowal of Shaktipat" around certain Hindu gurus and yogis, the powerfully healing flow of "ch'i/qi" or "ki" among the East Asian Buddhist. Taoist and generic qigong adepts, the flow of Baraka/Beraka among Muslim Sufi and Jewish Hasidic mystics, Wilhelm Reich's work early in the 20th century with healing "orgone" energy, any number of spiritual healers working with the Human Energy Field (HEF, as Barbara Ann Brennan calls it), etc. (I wrote my M.A. thesis in the early 1980s on this cross-cultural phenomenon of "energy empowerment.")

    Again, a sudden rush of "heat" and/or one of the other phenomena (tingling, vibration, etc.) is very often experienced by the person benefitting from the healing modality.

    Perhaps there's some kind of tie-in or continuum here with the hyperthermia protocol....

  4. The reports are very encouraging. I have prostate cancer and have been taking PectaSol C as directed since January of this year but I must tell you that my PSA is still rising. In addition to PectaSol C I have changed my diet and am on the treadmill for two miles each day. My use of Japanese green tea should prevent angiogenisis thus preventing tumour growth so I am at a loss as to why my PSA is still rising

  5. i have known about this for several years after doing months of research on "alternative" cancer cures when my brother was diagnosed. As soon as I read about surgeon William Coley and the effect of infection on the body, it made perfect sense. Infection causes a chemical change via temperature increase which effectively wipes out the environment in which cancer thrives. The increase in temperature is a process by which tadpoles turn into frogs i.e. it is an established cellular and biological phenomenon. You can still obtain Coley's toxin's in Europe. Coley treated patients in this way for many years until it fell out of favour with the medical profession and the use of antibiotics made infection a thing of the past.

    I am very angry that so little research has been done into this area and that Coley's therapy has been ignored when it is obvious that this holds the answer. I will forever regret that I did not discover it sooner; it was too late by the time we got the toxins for my brother and the lack of support in terms of its administration meant that we were on our own; a prospect which many patients and families find themselves in once conventional "treatment" has been exhausted. How many lives might have been saved by now. I believe vested commercial interests are more interested in funding expensive chemotherapy than a simple treatment which will put many ppl and oncologists out of business. Its a disgrace when you think about it.

  6. I have been through treatments for head and neck cancer for the past two years. My initial diagnosis was stage 4 with no stated survival time or percentages of reaching remission. It has been interesting to me that the medical community, when they truly have no explanation for disappearance of tumors, consistently uses the term "spontaneous regression or remission". God is still God, Jesus Christ is still our Savior and Healer, and I firmly believe that my current state of being cancer free is due entirely to the Grace of our Lord, as I am certain that to also be true of most of the cases of "spontaneous regression or remission", as He is truly The Hope for us all, cancer patient or not.

    Thank you and may The Lord Bless you,

    Sandy Steward


    Research is being done on oncolytic microbes.

    See Oncogene. 2010 Jul 8;29(27):3990-6. Epub 2010 May 17.

    The viral tropism of two distinct oncolytic viruses, reovirus and myxoma virus, is modulated by cellular tumor suppressor gene status.

  8. Hi Richard,
    Please consider using a trampoline (ie rebounding). It is a good way of getting your lymphatic system working better to remove toxins from the body. Read "Cancer - A Simple Approach" by Linda Brooks

  9. David, where are you receving whole body hyperthermia...I have only found regional or local type treatments coupled with low dose radiation. Your response would be appreciated.

  10. David,

    being a hyperthermia specialist in Vienna, Austria I wonder which type and who delivered whole body hyperthermia to you?

    best wishes
    Ralf Kleef, MD

  11. David,

    Is your myeloma the same as multiple myeloma?

    Thanks, and congratulations.

  12. Very interesting...and I once read that a man with CLL used Levitra (which also causes a flushing and the patient feels warm for several hours after ingestion) and his CLL went into a spontaneous remission. There may very well be a connection here and this drug used in vitro showed it killed leukemic cells. So why isn't there any further research done- especially by the company that makes Levitra??? I'm perplexed.

  13. In reference to spontaneous remission following an infection or fever, 9 years ago when my daughter was 18 years of age was suddenly struck down by what appeared to be 2 bouts of cluster headaches that each lasted about 9 weeks during her senior highschool. She was completely unable to funtion and suffered unbelievable pain. During one bout she became very ill with strep throat during that time she did not get one headache episode. I found it odd and did mention it to her physicians. Two months later her headaches disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared. Like oher medical conditions, there was little known in treating dibilitating headaches and their causes. In my daughter's case I believe it was due to sress poor diet and possibly dehydration.

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  16. Those are all awesome suggestions. Don’t know why I didn’t think of some of them. Thanks.

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  17. Does anybody in this community know about treating ALL leukmeia in children naturally? We are already using a BIOMAT during sleeping, but any other info would be helpful. We are already doing so much, but at this stage, we are only preventing ALL, our daughter is close to having the bone marrow necrosis that would come prior to leukemia. So, we need to build her bones and we need as much info as we can.
    Love and light to all here living, struggling, helping!

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