"" Ralph Moss—Cancer Consultant: 2010-12-12

Friday, December 17, 2010

Two nice testimonials

I just received two very nice testimonials from phone consultation clients. I thought I would share them with my blog readers:

"Thank you, Dr Moss, You just made our life a lot less complicated. Since my cancer returned, my wife and I have been researching alternative treatments in this country as well Mexico and Europe. After months of trying to investigate on our own things became confusing and overwhelming. Dr Moss gave us just what we needed. We were very impressed not with just his knowledge of alternative protocols but his insights into many of the cancer clinics around the world was outstanding." --J.D., Dec. 9, 2010.

And here's a second one:

"I've just had my third consultation with Dr. Moss. Not necessarily because anything new has come up but because my doctor recommended a new drug. I feel much better knowing that Dr. Moss has done the research and is able to give me an unbiased opinion as to the safety and efficacy of the drug in question. In addition, his vast knowledge regarding complimentary and alternative medicine, diet and supplements has helped clarify a very confusing and contradictory subject. I would, without reservation, advise any patient who is facing decisions about cancer treatment, to have a consult with Dr. Moss in order to navigate these very murky and many times uncharted waters." --A.M., Dec. 11, 2010.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

FDA Rules Against Avastin

Today, December 16, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took steps to disallow the use of Avastin (bevacizumab) in breast cancer. This overturns the previous director's approval of the drug two years ago--a decision that was medically unwarranted but was worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Roche.

Dr. Richard Pazdur, the FDA's chief of cancer drug review, said, "Given the number of serious and life-threatening side effects, the FDA does not believe there is a favorable risk-to-benefit ratio."

I applaud this decision, as the data behind the use of Avastin in breast cancer was always very shaky. The company, however, is expected to appeal the ruling.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mexican Clinic List

I'm trying to update my knowledge of the Tijuana-area cancer clinics. Below is my current list of 20, including the name of the program, the medical director, the year it was founded, and the Web site (if there is one). I have eliminated a few that have disappeared in the past few years. Do you know of any changes to this list?  Do you have updated information on any of these? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences at these clinics, pro or con. Do you know of any other Mexican clinics that you feel I should investigate? Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Alivizatos Program at IBC, Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1994, www.alivizatos.com

  2. Alpha Medical Clinic, Humerto Barbosa, MD, 1983, alphamedicalclinic.com

  3. American Metabolic Institute, Geronimo Rubio, MD, 1987, No Web site. Not clear if they are still in business.

  4. Baja NutriCare, Luz Bravo, MD, 2002 No Web site, but see: www.gerson.org

  5. Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey), Liz Jonas, 1963 No Web site

  6. Center for Holistic Life Extension, Dr. Luis Velazquez, 1989 http://www.extendlife.com/

  7. CHIPSA Immunological Med Ctr., Ron Carreño, MD, 1990 http://chipsa.com/

  8. CIPAG (ex-IMAQ) Isai Castillo, MD, 1984 http://www.drcastillo.com/

  9. Hope4Cancer (Rapha) Clinic Antonio Martinez, MD, 1998 www.hope4cancer.com

  10. Ingles Hospital Sonia Rodriquez, MD, 2002 http://ingles-hospital.com/

  11. IPT clinic Donato P. Garcia, III, MD, 1988, http://iptq.com/

  12. International BioCare Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, 1975, http://www.biocarehospital.com

  13. Issels Vaccine Program Dr. Mejia, Christian Issels, 1996 http://www.issels.com

  14. Mission Medical Clinic James Gunier, HMD, 1984 http://www.missionmedicalcenter.com

  15. Oasis of Hope Hospital Francisco Contreras, MD 1970 http://www.oasisofhope.com/

  16. Providence Pacifica Hospital Gary Tarasov, MD, Web site unknown

  17. San Diego Clinic Filiberto Muñoz, MD 1998 (But www.sdclinic.com is out of commission)

  18. Sanoviv Hospital M. Wentz PhD, 1998, http://www.sanoviv.com/

  19. Scientific Regeneration Inst. Neil C. Norton, MD 1968 No Web site. But see: www.cancervictors.net

  20. Stella Maris, Clinic Gilberto Alvarez, MD, 1990, http://www.stellamarisclinic.com/