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Monday, January 10, 2011

More on Anti-cancer Supplements

I apologize for the bad link in my recent blog on the various supplements. Here is the correct citation:

Ragupathi G, Hood C, Yeung KS, et al. Evaluation of Widely Consumed Botanicals as Immunological Adjuvants. Vaccine. 2008;26(37):4860-4865.

You should be able to retrieve the whole article by going to PubMed.

In future discussions I intend to clarify a few things about this study:

(a) it was an evaluation in mice, not human cancer patients;
(b) it involved the subcutaneous injection of the various substances, not oral administration; and
(c) the immune response in question was simply an antibody reaction, not a measure of natural killer cell activity, not to mention any effect on tumors.

As critics have pointed out, it can be faulted on all of these counts. Nonetheless, I am glad to see Memorial Sloan-Kettering (MSKCC) doing some actual studies instead of just talking, often in a negative way, about these substances. Perhaps studies of this sort are necessary to convince skeptics to undertake clinical studies (something I have been waiting for at that particular institution since 1974!)